March 18-19, 2021, Kazan
All-Russian scientific conference with international participation
"Innovative technologies for environmental protection in the modern world"
50th anniversary of environmental technology education in the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tatarstan
The purpose of the conference - the solution of problems related to the protection of air and water, recycling of waste production and consumption, environmental monitoring facilities, as well as the development of science-based proposals for solving environmental problems.

Department of Engineering Ecology

Conference sections

Wastewater and natural water treatment
Section 2
 Air protection against contamination of organic and inorganic origin
Section 3
Recycling and recovery of waste production and consumption
Section 4
Quality monitoring and assessment of the impact of pollutants on the environment
Section 5
Biotechnology in environmental protection processes
Section 6
Environmental protection and recovery of secondary materials industry for the production of energy-materials and products companies
Conference organizers

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education

Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Tatarstan

Kazan National Research Technological University 

 Russian Ecological Academy 

Rosprirodnadzor Republic of Tatarstan 

Fazullina Alsu Asgatovna
Candidate of Sciences in Chemistry
Head of Laboratory, Assistant of the Department of Environmental Engineering, KNRTU 

Madyakina Almira Mustakimovna
Candidate of Sciences in Chemistry
Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Engineering, KNRTU 

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Deadline to March 15, 2021
On March 9, the conference ITEPMW-2021 was officially held in Kazan State Technological University. The Conference was developed to the 50th anniversary of technological environmental education in Russia and Tatarstan when a specialty "recuperation of recyclables in industry" had been launched in Kazan State Technological University, Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology and Leningrad Technological Institute of Paper Industry half a century ago.
At the conference opening, the acting rector of the Kazan State Technological University Yurii Kazakov noted that the problems of environmental protection and training specialists for that field became really acute in the USSR and worldwide in the 1970s. So, launching the specialty on the recuperation of recyclables in the industry became the timely response of the scientific and education community to this challenge.
Over these years, the Institute has trained many highly qualified specialists sought for in the republic of Tatarstan and beyond its borders. Many of the graduates had taken senior positions in the government and many enterprises from different industries.
The first deputy of the minister of ecology and natural resources on the republic of Tatarstan, Fayaz Shakirov, spoke on behalf of minister Alexandr Shadrikov. He stressed that the Ministry does much work in collaboration with the Kazan State Technological University. He added that the representatives of the department of environmental engineering are members of the public and scientific and engineering councils in the Ministry. None of the projects, be it construction or reconstruction of purification works, revetment, cleaning of waterworks, or implementation of other major projects, are not implemented without considering the opinion of environmental engineering specialists. Enforcement of environmental protection law is yet another area of collaboration.
Then the Conference for each section was organized at zoom. Participants were given 15 minutes to present. After each presentation, there was time to answer questions from the audience and the expert committee. Participants could connect from any location. There were 85 participants with presentations and an unlimited number of audience members. The Conference was held at ZOOM.
We were delighted to have Professor Svetlana Sverguzova (Belgorod State Technological University named after V.G. Shukhov) as an honourary participant of our Conference. She reported on the use of agricultural waste as adsorption materials. We would especially like to thank all the main reporters for sharing their latest research with the audience.
Based on the conference result, the contribution of the participants of ITEPMW-2021 in the development of theoretical and applied research in the area of environmental protection was prized. Professors Friedland S.V and Shaikhiev I.G. were awarded the Lomonosov medals of the Russian Ecological Academy. The department teachers, associate professors Svetlana Stepanova, Vladislav Dryakhlov, and Almira Madyakina, and teaching assistant Alsu Fazullina were awarded letters of appreciation and honorary certificates.


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